In January 2020 the Slovenian Sovereign Holding company (SDH) approved and adopted the Strategic Development Programme up to 2025 (SDP 2025), which as an umbrella strategic document of the Pošta Slovenije Group sets out our growth and development plans during that period. Together with its consent, SDH tasked the Pošta Slovenije Group with assessing the valuation of the SDP 2025 taking into account the impact of the integration and the actual synergies of the acquisition of Intereuropa d. d. In accordance with this decision, the financial projection of the SRP 2025 to which SDH gave its consent in January 2021 was re-assessed or revised in 2020.

After completing the acquisition of Intereuropa, we carried out activities in 2020 connected with the integration of the Intereuropa Group into the Pošta Slovenije Group (realisation of synergies and optimisation of operations) and strived to acquire a 100% participating interest in the Intereuropa Group.

In January 2020 Pošta Slovenije acquired an additional 2,408,846 ordinary shares of Intereuropa d. d. at the standard price of EUR 1.45 per share for the total amount of EUR 3,492,826.70 (representing an 8.76% participating interest). Following the completion of its takeover bid, Pošta Slovenije held 22,235,236 shares of Intereuropa d. d., representing 80.89% of all shares issued by the aforementioned company.

Following the completion of the mandatory takeover bid and mandatory additional purchase, Pošta Slovenije acquired a total of 864,863 shares, representing a 10.52% participating interest in Zetatrans A.D., Podgorica valued at EUR 1,383,781. Thus, Pošta Slovenije and Intereuropa d. d. together hold 6,559,288 shares, or 79.79% of the shares of Zetatrans A.D., Podgorica.

Following the completion of the mandatory takeover bid and mandatory additional purchase, Pošta Slovenije also acquired a total of 4,672 shares, representing a 24.49% participating interest in AD Intereuropa, Belgrade valued at EUR 2,273,905 (RSD 267,203,921). Thus, Pošta Slovenije and Intereuropa d. d. together hold 18,714 shares, or 98.11% of the shares of AD Intereuropa, Belgrade.

Pošta Slovenije d. o. o. purchased a 45% participating interest in APS Plus d. o. o. from Mikrografija d. o. o. in April 2020, thereby becoming the sole owner of APS Plus d. o. o. (100% participating interest).

We opened a new logistics post office in April in Šentjanž pri Dravogradu. The entire investment was valued at around EUR 1.9 million. There are 22 regional logistics post offices in Slovenia, which together with six transhipment post offices and two mail sorting and logistics centres in Ljubljana and Maribor make up the current logistical network.

In July 2020 the Supervisory Board of Pošta Slovenije awarded Pošta Slovenije’s Executive Management member Andrej Rihter, MSc another term of office for the coming five-year period. His new term of office began on 13 August 2020.

At the end of January we organised a competition in innovative solutions in AI-supported advanced services at the Mail Sorting and Logistics Centre in Maribor entitled Pošta Slovenije 2020 Innovative IT Sprint. More than 80 competitors divided into 15 teams in only 24 hours came up with 15 new digital solutions that by using artificial intelligence solve challenges in the areas of learning, involvement of vulnerable groups, paperless operations, and simplify business processes and every day assignments.

Every year we also verify the effectiveness of the energy management system in the scope of the ISO 50001 standard. An upgrade of the ISO 50001 energy management system brings a number of advantages to the organisation that are reflected in the systematic organisation of all work areas, increased satisfaction of employees and customers, and ultimately in better operating results.

Pošta Slovenije


PostEurop selected Pošta Slovenije and its Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Strategy among the 20 best operators and practices in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Category.

In 2019 Pošta Slovenije was also awarded a silver plaque at the EMS Performance Awards for the quality of delivery of international EMS parcels in Slovenia, which is presented by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). We have received this award for the second consecutive year.

An independent committee of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies presented the prestigious ‘Slovenian Grand Security Awardin the category of Corporate Security Manager of the Year for 2019 to Andrej Maslo, the director of the Corporate Security and Control Sector.

During the COVID-19 pandemic a network of Direct4me smart parcel delivery boxes that are available at 100 locations near post offices throughout Slovenia was put in place and enables the provision of contactless delivery and collection of parcels.

Pošta Slovenije received a bronze award for the “Moja dostava moja izbira” (My Delivery My Choice) service innovation and integration of parcel delivery boxes from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska awarded to the best Podravje innovator.

We participated in the national survey ‘Workplace survey Slovenia 2020’ on the suitability of jobs that is intended to examine the link between work premises, work efficiency and business performance of companies. Its results will help us understand the impact of COVID-19-related measures on employee productivity and on companies’ business results during a very abnormal 2020.

The Slovenian stamp in a miniature sheet featuring a brown bear took first place in the Nexofil competition in the category of ‘Most beautiful stamp in a miniature sheet’.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia honoured more than 6,000 employees of Pošta Slovenije with a commemorative token for sacrifices made during the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infectious disease pandemic. As noted, Pošta Slovenije carried a great deal of responsibility during these extremely difficult circumstances in providing continuous postal services by not putting the health of its employees or users of postal services at risk.

In 2020 Pošta Slovenije gained authorisation from the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (CAA) for the acceptance of dangerous goods for air transport, which the Universal Postal Union (UPU) may exceptionally permit via international air mail. The UPU thus placed us on the list of post offices that are authorised to receive permitted lithium batteries in postal items.

The Postal Workers Union filed a voters’ initiative with the National Assembly in August 2020 to lodge the draft Act Amending the Postal Services Act. The proposed amendment focused on the arrangement of the required systemic financing to ensure the prescribed quality in the long-term for the provision of universal postal services, and the preservation and maintenance of the postal network. The initiative was rejected.


On 10 February the Management Board of Intereuropa d. d. signed a new collective agreement with the representative trade unions ŠAK KS90 and the Trade Union of Transportation and Communication Workers.

On 31 January Intereuropa d. d. successfully refinanced multiple loans. Pošta Slovenije d. o. o. contributed to that successful refinancing by issuing a guarantee covering 80% of the amount of that loan.

At its session held on 28 October, the Supervisory Board of Intereuropa d. d. adopted a decision on the reappointment of the current President of the Management Board, Marko Cegnar, to a four-year term of office, effective 12 November 2020. At this session, the Supervisory Board was also informed that the term of office of current member of the Management Board, Matija Vojsk, MSc, will come to an end on 12 November 2020. The Supervisory Board decided that, after 12 November 2020, the Management Board of Intereuropa, d. d. will be reconstituted so that it comprises two members: President of the Management Board, Marko Cegnar, and Vice-President of the Management Board, Marko Rems.

In February 2020 Intereuropa d. d. submitted a letter of intent to purchase the remaining participating interest in Intereuropa RTC d. d., Sarajevo, by which it will become 100% owner of that company. The consent of the Securities Commission of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose operations have been suspended since November 2019, is required to complete the takeover.

With its purchase of a 45% participating interest in APS PLUS from Mikrografija in 2020, Pošta Slovenije became the 100% owner of the subsidiary APS PLUS, which was renamed to Posita d. o. o. in February 2021.

Iztok Renčelj, MSc took over the management of APS PLUS on 8 August 2020.

As of 31 December 2020 PS Logistika transferred the activity of the distribution of spare parts to Pošta Slovenije.

The term of office of IPPS director Janez Zidar was extended in May 2020 for an additional five years.

As of 1 January 2020 the subsidiary PS Moj paket suspended the online sale of goods.